Sunday, January 23, 2011


Not only am I a tool nerd, but I'm also a paper junkie.  I LOVE paper. I really, really, love paper!

My paper addiction started in late elementary school when I attended  a Girl Scout summer camp.  To keep us girls occupied we did various crafting and athletic activities. One day we would canoe, another day we would do some leather tooling.  It was fun.  But not nearly as exciting as the day I made handmade paper! I can barely remember the specifics of the process we used to create the paper pulp...some water, paper bits, blades of grass, and a few flower petals, all moshed together into a weird soup.  We dumped out the paper soup onto drying racks, squeezed out some water, and waited.  And waited.

But then the magic happened....all that weird soup became beautifully textured paper! It was wonderful to touch!  It was....magical.

Ever since then I have had an addiction to paper. Especially textured papers, Japanese papers, and cotton paper. There is just something special about the feel of these types of papers (oh and I love the look of Japanese papers too). I am definitely a tactile person.

I have been pondering and experimenting with combining paper with my silver jewelry.  I mean, why not combine two of my favorites loves together to create a unique jewelry line? However, I'm a stickler for creating pieces that last, are durable, and wear well.  Paper has been challenging in that it is often quite fragile.  I've looked at various types of sealant for the paper, but haven't quite found one that passes my quality standards.  Yet.

What's your 'junkie' habit?

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