Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sterling Silver-filled?

I stumbled upon another "silver" term just today, "Sterling Silver-filled." 

"Fire Mountain Gems and Beads worked for over two years with one of the largest precious metal fabricators in the world to offer customers a tremendous value. Sterling Silver-Filled wire and findings bridge the gap between silver-plated and sterling silver. Both wire and findings have a durable outer layer of sterling silver (.925/20) surrounding a copper-alloy core. The findings have additional silver plating for uniformity. The fabrication of the wire and findings is completed with an anti-tarnish coating to preserve the beauty.

Top jewelry makers and resellers benefit from:
•High perceived value
•A fraction of the cost of sterling silver"

My initial thought was, "Oh no. Another product to confuse consumers!"  I also have a real problem with the benefit "high perceived value!"  To me, that translates to artificial value. 

Granted, there is a place for every type of maker.  Heck, I've seen some really beautiful works of art created from telephone wire and bottle caps!

Back to the issue at hand.....sterling silver-filled metals.  My only real plea is for EVERY maker to fully disclose the materials they are working in.  Do not deceive the public (intentionally or not!), do not misrepresent your craft or yourself! Please.

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